AVIC 2023 conference will take place in the historical mountain resort of Sinaia.

Sinaia is located on the Prahova River valley, just east of the Bucegi Mountains, with the altitude varies from 767 to 860 meters (2,516 to 2,822 feet) above sea level. The town was named after Sinaia Monastery, around which it was built; the monastery in turn is named after the Biblical Mount Sinai. King Carol I of Romania built his summer home, Peleș Castle, near the town in the late nineteenth century.

Guests need to arrive at the “Henri Coanda” International Airport, located at approx. 110 km away from Sinaia, the conference location.

From the airport to the venue, a bus will be provided for the guests.

Transportation to Sinaia (Conference Venue)

There are two types of transportation plans:

1. Train from Bucharest airport to Sinaia

From Bucharest International Airport “Henri Coanda”: train to Bucharest Nord Railway Station (Gara de Nord), train company: Romanian Railways (CFR), details (travel time: 25 min) then, from Bucharest Nord Railway Station (Gara de Nord): train to Sinaia Railway Station details (travel time: 2h).

2. By car: Use DN1 road between Bucharest Airport and Sinaia

  • Estimated travel time: 2h
  • Rent-a-car