Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)

October 11th, 2023 (Wednesday)

8:5010:00CAS-AVIC Opening Ceremony
10:0013:00AVIC Plenary Session Keynote Speakers (Ireland: 1, Romania: 1) Invited Talks (Romania:2) Chairs: Toshihiko Hamasaki, Japan; Tom O’Dwyer, Irland
14:3018:00Trip to Sinaia 2000m

October 12th, 2023 (Thusday)

10:0011:00Regular Session 1: RFs and Analog Circuit 1 Chair: Nobukazu Takai, and Stefan Marinca
11:0011:20Coffee Break
11:2012:20Regular Session 2: RFs and Analog Circuit 2 Chair: Akira Yasuda, and Marius Neag
14:1518:00Trip to Trip to “Cantacuzino” Castle Busteni

October 13th, 2023 (Friday)

11:5012:50Regular Session 3 RFs and Analog Circuit 1 Chair: Yasuhiro Takahashi, and Francois Rivet
12:5013:00AVIC Closing Ceremony
14:5015:40Poster Session 1 (CAS)
15:4016:00Coffee Break
16:0017:30Poster Session 1 (CAS)
17:3020:30Privet meetings
20:30 CAS-AVIC Banquet including Best Paper Awards Ceremony (Hotel Sinaia Restaurant)

10 Oct. Tuesday

16:00-19:00    Registration

20:00-            Welcome Cocktail CAS 2023 (Hotel Sinaia Restaurant)

11 Oct. Wednesday

8:00-8:40        Registration

8:50-10:00      CAS-AVIC Opening ceremony

AVIC Kenote speaker, Pat Cunneen, Analog Devices

10:00-13:00    AVIC Plenary Session

(Chairs: Toshihiko Hamasaki, Japan; Tom O’Dwyer, Irland)

10:00-10:20    Keynote 1 : Pat Cunneen, Analog Devices

                        Title: From Green field to Global Semiconductor Producer –The Analog

Devices Limerick Story–

10:20-11:00    Keynote2:  Marius Neag, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Title: Development of Power Management Integrated Circuits at the

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca – A Case Study for University-Industry Cooperation

            11:00-11:30     Coffee break

            11:30-12:10     Invited talk 1: Marius Neag

Title: Analog and hybrid fast-transient-response LDOs able to handle a

wide ranges of load currents and capacitors

12:10-12:50    Invited talk 2: Arcadie Cracan, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of

Iasi, Romania

Title: Resistance to digital, resistive sensing, highly digital SAR ADC,

delta-sigma DAC, and bitstream DAC

12:50-13:00    PHOTO “REMEMBER CAS-AVIC 2023”

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-14:30    Break

14:30-18:00    Trip to Sinaia 2000m

12 Oct. Thursday

Regular Session 1 (10:00-11:00): RFs and Analog Circuit 1

Session Chairs: Nobukazu Takai, Japan; Stefan Marinca, Romania

10:00-10:20    Zero Temperature Coefficient Voltage Reference Stability and Versatility

using 28nm FD-SOI Technology

Maxime Guillot, Yann Deval, Hervé Lapuyade (Université de Bordeaux, France); Kawori Sekine, Kazuyuki Wada (Meiji University, Japan); Francois Rivet (Université de Bordeaux, France)

10:20-10:40     A Walsh-based Arbitrary Waveform Generator for 5G Applications in 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology

Pierre Ferrer (IMS, France); Francois Rivet, Herve Lapuyade, Yann Deval (University of Bordeaux)

10:40-12:00     Verification of Element Selection Methods for Multi-coil Electric Motor Driving

Yoshiaki Ishikawa, Akira Yasuda (Hosei University, Japan)

Regular Session 2 (11:20-12:20): Analog Circuit 2

Session Chairs: Akira Yasuda, Japan; Marius Neag, Romania

11:20-11:40    A Method for Opamp Sizing Using Model-Based Reinforcement Learning

Kazuya Yamamoto, Nobukazu Takai (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan) [Online Presentation]

11:40-12:00     The improvement of SNDR by Passive Signal-Residue Summation with the Switched Capacitor Integrator of the Noise-Shaping Successive Approximation Register

Sho Saito, Akira Hyogo, Tatsuji Matsuura, Ryoichi Miyauchi (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)

12:00-12:20     Proposal and Application of Equivalent MOSFET with different temperature coefficient of threshold voltage

Hiroshi Kobayashi, Kawori Sekine, Kazuyuki Wada (Meiji University, Japan); Francois Rivet, Hervé Lapuyade, Yann Deval (Université de Bordeaux, France) [Online Presentation]

12:20-13:00    Break

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:15-18:00    Trip to Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni

13 Oct. Friday

Regular Session 3 (11:50-12:50): Analog Circuit 2

Session Chairs: Yasuhiro Takahashi, Japan; Francois Rivet, France

11:50-12:10     A Multi-bit ΔΣ Down-converting ADC with Even-Harmonic Mixer and Mismatch Shaper

Takumi Shibata, Akira Yasuda (Hosei University, Japan)

12:10-12:30     Development of a sensor buoy equipped with a chlorophyll-a concentration measurement system using image spectrum analysis

Shunya Kosako; Toshihiko Hamasaki (Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan)

12:30-12:50     Analysis of the distortion characteristics of guitar amplifiers caused by different tube amplification factors

Karin Sakamoto, Toshihiko Hamasaki (Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Japan)

12:50-13:00    AVIC Closing Ceremony

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:50-15:40    Poster Session 1

15:40-16:00    Coffee break

16:00-17:30    Poster Session 2

17:30-20:30    Privet meetings

20:30-              CAS-AVIC Banquet including Best Paper Awards ceremony (Hotel Sinaia Restaurant)